EU-Funded Open Source Service Helps You Sell Data And Protect Privacy


Short Bytes: PlusPrivacy is an open source service by OPERANDO consortium. The service aims to put various user privacy setting on one platform and let them control what data to share. The main attraction is a new feature called Privacy for Benefit which allows users to trade their data for money or some other benefit.

Many people are concerned about privacy, their reasons can vary. Some might not want to give their details to an unknown organization or the governments. On the other hand, some are okay with personal data but fear the fact about being monitored all the time.

OPERANDO consortium allows users to have more power over what data of theirs gets shared with online service providers. For instance, when you use the Login with Facebook or Google button on various websites.

The control is offered through an open source service called PlusPrivacy which helps users with a one-stop solution, a dashboard where they can manage all their privacy settings from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. For those who want simple solutions, there is a “single-click privacy” button which sets the settings for all the social networks to their most privacy-friendly values.

There is a separate dashboard for web apps and browsers extension which lets users keep an eye on how much interference these things are causing in their privacy. Users can hide their email by using the alternative email identities service which allows up to 20 email aliases.

The highlight of this story is a new PlusPrivacy feature currently in development, “Privacy-for-Benefit.” It’s a way of trading your data safely to third parties and earn some cash.

Contrary to many people’s assumptions, for now, users sharing data via Plus Privacy shouldn’t expect direct monetary benefits from businesses partners.

Arteevo Technologies is one of the partners of the OPERANDO consortium. Arteevo’s Zeev Pritzker told TNW that the benefits might come in the form of discounts, and a small brokage for PlusPrivacy. And the data you willingly trade in is almost the same you give away to third parties when you sign-in using your social accounts.

The benefits might differ from partner to partner. But this has introduced a new possibility for people. They can protect their data but also analyze what information concerns their privacy and what can be shared.

PlusPrivacy has received support from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. It will remain free for general users but paid for service providers. The service is currently in beta, but you can create an account on their website and have a look at how things work.

What do you think about PlusPrivacy? Drop your thoughts and feedback.

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