Vortex Stump Grinder Destroys Wood Stumps Better Than Termites Do

From wood stump to sawdust in minutes.

eterra vortex stump grinder
Image: Skid Steer Solutions YouTube channel

Billions of trees are cut down every year for various purposes in the world. Although deforestation readily sounds villainous, carrying it out in moderation is essential for societies and businesses around the globe. When a tree is felled, its trunk is chopped off, but the stump remains rooted to the ground. To get rid of the same, modern woodcutters rely on powerful machines such as the Eterra Vortex Stump Grinder.

The Vortex Stump Grinder is an attachment that can grind wood stumps into sawdust within minutes. This is very useful when trying to clear an area. That’s because trees can often start sprouting again from the wood stumps if left unattended for too long.

Eterra’s machine is an exhibition of the raw power of engineering. Here’s a video that gives you a good look into the Vortex Stump Grinder and its sheer capabilities.

Eterra Vortex Stump Grinder specifications

The Vortex Stump Grinder is highly efficient and capable when it comes to grinding wood stumps. Thanks to a sturdy radial piston motor and an asymmetrical wheel, it can eat into the wood and clear the ground in a short time.

Whether the tree stump is hardwood or softwood, this machine emerges as a versatile stump-grinding solution in either case. It also offers flexibility as it comes in two different sizes: 27 inches (VM27 variant) and 31 inches (VM31 variant).

The Vortex Stump Grinder’s wheel cuts like a hot knife through butter as it contains a high torque output motor. To be precise, the radio piston motor attached to the grinding wheel converts 95% of its hydraulic power into horsepower. As a result, these wheels pulverize wood with speeds of 450-700 RPM. Talking about the wheel’s teeth, they are made of high-strength alloy steel, equipped with abrasion-resistant plates that improve durability.

vortex stump grinder in action
Image: Skid Steer Solutions YouTube channel

Moving on, the wheel’s asymmetrical look and the housing’s design are curated to provide a clear view for the operator. In addition to that, the Vortex Stump Grinder comes with a fiber-reinforced rubber guard to contain the scattering of wood bits when it gets to work.

It’s worth noting that Eterra’s stump-grinding equipment doesn’t require any electricity and simply relies on hydraulic forces to function. From apple stumps to chestnut stumps, there’s a range of different wood stumps the Vortex Stump Grinder can deal with immaculately.

By the way, what do you think about its raw power? Tell us in the comments below. If you’re into powerful machinery, here’s a list of several machines that make big tasks look like a walk in the park.

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