Even Thor’s Hammer Can’t Break This Shatterproof Glass From ESG

This glass panel is anything but fragile.

esg secure ballistic glass
Image: YouTube / ESG-glass

There’s a pervasive belief that anything made of glass is easy to break. Although that might be true in many cases, certain kinds of glass material are tough enough to take on the strongest hits. Speaking of which, it is imperative to mention ESG’s Secure LPS1270 glass that can sustain the impact of hammers, chisels, stomping, and more.

This highly secure glass is a product of a UK-based company, Essex Safety Glass Ltd or ESG. Since its inception in 2003, it has developed a range of glass types; each of which is suitable for a specific purpose.

Come hell or high water; Secure LPS1270 glass can stay intact for a ridiculously long time. Here’s a video showing the glass’s remarkable durability against a variety of hardware, including a sledgehammer.

Why does ESG Secure LPS1270 glass not break into pieces?

Although repeated strikes can form cracks on the ESG Secure LPS1270 glass, they can’t break it into pieces easily. Regardless of how thin and light this glass seems compared to others in its category, it packs the sturdiness of multiple layers of composite panels. The reason LPS1270 glass is able to avoid shattering is due to these highly-certified panels that conform to Loss Prevention Standard levels 1-5.

Types of ESG security glass

There are three different variants of security glass produced by the British firm. The first variant, ESG Secure EN356, protects against a number of manual attacks using fists and tools. The entry-level range of EN356 glass is suitable protection against chance attacks, whereas the higher range models can quell pre-meditated attacks, such as burglary attempts.

The variant depicted in the video above is the LPS1270, which improves upon the EN356’s capabilities. It is intruder-resistant and can hold its own against persistent hits from tools, such as a metal pole. Moreover, within the LPS1270 lineup, there are some blast-resistant models that can even sustain bomb explosions.

esg secure lps1270 glass stomp test
LPS1270 stomp test (Image: YouTube / ESG-glass)

Finally, there’s the EN 1063 variant which offers bullet resistance. It has been engineered by laminating multiple toughened glass sheets together and placing an interlayer after each such sheet. Thanks to this approach, the glass can prevent bullet penetration by distributing the shock impact evenly. Therefore, EN 1063 is a great choice to protect military installations, government buildings, or even stores situated in high-risk zones.

By the way, do you think this type of glass protection should be the norm in public spaces? Or should they only be used to safeguard government buildings? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Talking about safety, here’s a product called American Road Patch that can prevent road accidents by quickly fixing potholes.

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