First 5G Demo In India Conducted By Ericsson: 5.7Gbps Throughput & Ultra-low Latency

5g in india
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Earlier today, we told you about Intel’s ongoing efforts in the field of 5G communication technology and how Apple is also planning to use an Intel chip in the future 5G smartphones. Other companies leading the research in this area are Qualcomm, Nokia, Ericsson, etc.

In India, Ericsson has partnered with Bharti Airtel for bringing 5G technology to India. As a result of this partnership, Ericsson will work with the Indian telecom giant to create a roadmap for the evolution of this technology in the Indian scenario.

This agreement shouldn’t be surprising as Ericsson has already partnered with Airtel to help it establish its 4G infrastructure in the country. It’s worth noting that Airtel had already partnered with Nokia to work in the same area.

On Friday, Ericsson carried out India’s first live 5G end-to-end demo using 5G test bed and 5G NR Radion, according to NDTV Gadgets.

As per the claims made, the demo delivered a throughput of 5.7Gbps and ultra-low latency of 3 milliseconds.

According to Ericsson’s assessments, 5G technology will enable a $27.3 billion revenue for Indian telcos by 2026. “The largest opportunity will be seen in sectors like manufacturing, energy and utilities followed by public safety and health sectors,” as per a report by Ericsson.

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