Epic CEO Tim Sweeney’s Response To Investing In NFTs

Says scams and decentralized tech foundations are the main reasons!

Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney's Response To Investing In NFTs
Image: Epic Games

Earlier on Monday, Epic Games CEO announced that the company has no plans to touch NFTs anytime soon. The announcement comes in response to a user’s query, after which Sweeney took to Twitter to share his views about the digital space’s issues with scams and why he’s hesitant.

While there have been speculations around Epic Games’ games joining the NFT market, Sweeney’s stance clears the air around the murmurs. Epic’s CEO went on to say that to him, ‘owning an NFT holds a similar value to liking an image on Twitter.’

“Not touching NFTs,” says Sweeney

The response makes any conjecture in Epic Games’ decision to get into the NFT market very clear, for now. Moreover, there has been a lot of discussion about the use of NFTs in video games; and Epic Games screams the example of a company that might wander the virtual world of NFTs, primarily since Fortnite makes plenty of sales through in-game digital items.

Have a look at what Epic’s CEO tweeted.

Furthermore, although Sweeney made Epic Games’ position into the virtual world of NFTs quite clear, it’s unlikely that Epic’s CEO will stop getting NFT investment proposals, primarily because Fortnite has made billions through the sale of in-game items.

Oh, and about the NFT pitches to Sweeney, if you want to take a look, try searching “@timsweeneyepic NFT” over on Twitter; you won’t be disappointed. Not only this, the NFT market is undoubtedly dealing with the menace of fake art, among other scams; good call there, Tim!

On the flip side, of course, so far, Epic Games doesn’t need to rely on blockchain tech to make money. Likewise, NFTs wouldn’t solve Epic’s fight with Apple over the App Store; it could only increase the situation’s complexity.

While it’s understandable and quite clear why a company like Epic Games wants to avoid getting into the uncertain NFT market yet, we can’t be sure if and when Sweeney decides to drop by the NFT market and have a share for the company itself.

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