Epic Games & Match Group Accuse Google Of Paying Developers

The allegations keep piling up!


Epic Games and Match Group are piling new antitrust allegations against Google. Both these companies have been battling Google in court over anti-trust allegations. Recently, both these companies agreed to keep their apps on the Play Store while the case continued. But now they claim that Google paid off big developers to stay on the Play Store and not create another competing app distribution platform.

It is a big allegation that if true, can truly change the way the world looks at big companies. Both Google and Apple have indulged in unfair trade practices in the past. They also change hefty commissions whenever an app purchase or in-app purchase occurs.

Is Google bribing top developers to stay on the platform?

Google and Apple exercise monopoly in the app distribution ecosystem. Both of them have a giant market share and users trust these platforms with their money. But the new allegations reveal a dark side of the money-making business where big tech use their influence and money to keep competition in check.

According to the Epic Games and Match Group, Google paid off developers under the Project Hug program which offered money to developers who stayed on the Play Store and did not create their own Play Store rivals. Project Hug was later rebranded to Apps and Games Velocity Program.

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Google contacted Engadget and revealed that all the allegations were utterly false. Our interpretation of the statement concludes that Google isn’t looking forward to budging an inch as far as the lawsuit is concerned. Epic Games and Match Group are already in a losing position, as per Google.

The company spokesperson shared that they were wrongfully interpreting the incentive program which Google gives to Android developers. But remember that the United States Department of Justice and many other groups are investigating Google’s method of doing business. Epic Games called out Apple for charging an undue commission for every in-app purchase made by iOS users. The trial resulted in a mixed verdict, which is also what Google might be hoping for with its lawsuit.

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