What Is “Enhanced Mode” For Search Indexer In Windows 10 Build 18267?


Amid dealing with the Windows 10 October Update bugs, Microsoft has rolled out Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18267 (19H1) to the insider program members. This release is available in both the Fast and Skip Ahead rings.

While the Build has very few updates like some bug fixes and improvements to the touch-keyboard, one new feature that piqued my interest is the “Enhanced Mode For Search Indexer.”

What Is Enhanced Mode for Search Indexer in Windows?

Windows users have long complained about the inability of Windows Search Indexer to perform a thorough search. I, myself, wondered what’s the point of having a search if I cannot search for a specific file stored on the computer.

Until now, the Windows Search Index only indexed files that were limited to documents, pictures, videos, and desktop by default. However, Insider Preview Build 18267 made some improvements to it.

Now, Microsoft has added a new setting that allows Windows users to search all your folders and drives, whenever you look for a specific file in the Windows Search Index.

Microsoft says: “It will take about 15 minutes for the search to begin returning these additional files in results.”

Windows Enhanced Mode

How to enable it?

To enable Enhanced Mode for Search Indexer, simply type Windows search settings in the Windows Search. Then select Enhanced under the Find My Files settings. Now you will find results will all files and folders on the PC.

Also, if you wish to exclude a folder from search, simply add it to the Excluded Folders list.

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