Endless OS 3.6.0 Released To Deliver A User-friendly Linux Experience


Endless Computers, which made waves a couple of years ago with the launch of Endless Mini, is also known for its Debian derivative Endless OS distribution. Featuring a highly-customized GNOME desktop, Endless OS makes use of lots of open source technologies to create a user-friendly operating system.

Endless OS is also known to let you download a “full” ISO image that comes loaded with more than 100 apps, making it useful without the need for connecting your computer to the web. The latest Endless OS 3.6.0 release further improves the experience by updating the packages to the latest version and adding new features. The updated packages are the latest versions from the Debian ‘Buster,’ which is the upcoming stable release.

The 3.6.0 release is based on the Linux Kernel 5.0, which was released in March with features like support for energy-aware scheduling, AMDGPU FreeSync, Btrfs swap file, etc. It also ensures better display performance and hardware support.

Contrary to the previous method of first downloading a new application on your disk and then copying it on a different location for installation, the new Flatpack version included in Endless OS 3.6.0 doesn’t need to do the disk copying task twice. This results in overall performance improvement while upgrading.

For advanced users who are into running containerized applications, Endless OS includes Podman. It’s a terminal utility that’s compatible with Docker. You can use Podman to run existing containers from Docker and other sources right inside your desktop installation.

Other minor changes in Endless OS 3.6.0 include the removal of the Endless companion app for Android, smoother boot process on PCs with Intel graphics, and better Wacom tablet support.

You can download the latest Endless version from their website.

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