Here’s What’s New In The Latest EndeavourOS Release

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If you’re into Linux, you might know EndeavourOS. It is an Arch-based Linux distribution that focuses on improving the Linux gaming scene. A new version of the same is out, bringing a bunch of new features and improvements. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest EndeavourOS release.

EndeavourOS 2021.08.30: What’s New?

New App Versions

The Calamares installer has been updated to version and Firefox to The distro ships with Linux kernel 5.13.12.arch1-1, mesa 21.2.1-1 driver, and the latest Nvidia-dkms 470.63.-1-3.

Apart from that, there’s a new app called EOS apps info. It lists all the apps important to EndeavorOS, including manuals. You can consider it as an instruction guide for the distro. The app doesn’t come preloaded, but one can install it by using the command yay -S eos-apps-info.

Changes to the Calamares Installer

  • Option to choose BTRFS when choosing the auto-partitioning option in the installer.
  • Option to choose Linux-lts kernel.
  • You can select or deselect if you want to install the EndeavourOS theme when selecting Xfce or i3wm.
  • Improvements in design of the installer.
  • Imrpoved installer to prevent failed installations due to bad mirrors.
  • Packages are now fetched via EndeavourOS’s own repository rather than from GitHub. This is to prevent failed installs for users living in countries where GitHub isn’t available.

There’s no doubt that EndeavourOS is a great Arch-based Linux distro, just like Manjaro. Speaking of which, if you’re confused between the two, we have a Manjaro Vs EndeavourOS comparison.

Visit the official announcement page to learn more about the release. Which arch-based Linux distro is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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