How To Enable The Double-Tap To Back Gesture In Android 12?

Pixel's double-tap to back gesture can work on other phones via third-party apps.


One of the highlights of Android 12 was the new Material You theming engine, which applies a theme to app icons and the UI to suit best according to the wallpaper. Another feature that Google added is the double-tap to back gesture and in this article, let’s look at how to enable and use the same in Android 12.

Android 12 adds a host of new and useful features to Pixel devices. The OS recently hit platform stability with the Beta 4 update. The first release candidate is expected to come out next month, followed by the stable update later this year.

How to enable double-tap to back gesture in Android 12?

The Quick Tap feature allows you to go back by double-tapping on the phone’s back. It’s a pretty nifty feature that might come in handy if you cannot swipe from the left or right either because your phone is huge or your hands are busy.

1. Open the app menu, search and tap on the Settings app.

settings app android 12

2. Scroll all the way down and tap on System.

settings app system android 12

3. Find and tap on Gestures.

settings app system gestures android 12

3. The first option that you should see is Quick Tap. Tap on it and turn on the toggle.

4. Now, you can double-tap at the back to go back on Android 12. Pretty nimble, right?

This feature is available on almost all the Pixel devices starting from Pixel 3/XL all the way to Pixel 5 and 4a 5G except the Pixel 4a.

How to enable double-tap to back on any smartphone?

One of the beauties of Android lies in third-party customizations. Don’t have access to Android 12 and/or a Pixel device? No worries. A great third-party app called Tap, tap has got you covered.

It is a free and open-source app that taps (no pun intended) your phone’s accelerometer to detect taps and comes with many features and customizations. Here’s how to set up the double-tap to back gesture on any smartphone.

1. Download the Tap, tap from the app’s official GitHub releases repository.

2. Install it by tapping on the downloaded APK file.

3. Find the app in the apps list and tap on the icon to open it.

4. The app asks you to double-tap and adjust sensitivity to set it up.

tap tap gesture set up

5. It will ask you to enable Accessibility Service, which you can do by following the on-screen instructions.

tap tap gesture set up accessibility and battery optimization

6. It will then ask you to disable the Battery Optimization, or else the app would be killed by the system in the background.

7. After that, you’ll be greeted with an overwhelming number of options on the app’s home screen.

tap tap features - enable double tap to back android 12

8. Tap on the Double Tap Actions option.

9. Now tap on the Add Action button and tap on Actions.

tap tap features add actions - enable double tap to back android 12

10. Scroll down to find the Back option and tap to add it.

tap tap add back gesture - enable double tap to back android 12

11. That’s pretty much it. You now have the double-tap to go back gesture set up.

The app also has triple-tap gestures if you’re interested. Apart from that, an option called Gates lets you choose on which screens or apps you don’t want the gestures to work, which is pretty sweet.

The app is currently in its beta stage, but we explored every feature, and it worked well. You won’t find it on the Google Play Store but APKMirror and its official GitHub repository that I had previously linked.

So, these were the two ways you can enable double-tap to back gestures on Android 12. If you find this article helpful, do make sure to share it. It’s free :)

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

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