Empty Bottles Of $250 Tesla Tequila Being Sold For Upto $999 On eBay

Tesla Tequila Bottle
Image: Tesla

Empty bottles of Tesla Tequila seems to have become a collector’s item now. They are being sold for almost four times the value of a newly filled bottle on eBay.

Recently, the world’s most valuable electric car maker Tesla launched its own Tequila with a high price tag of $250. Despite being overpriced, Tequila went out of stock within a few hours.

Unfortunately, it was a limited stock and only a few of Tesla’s fans had a chance to grab it. This Tesla Tequila bottle looks pretty amazing with its unique ‘lightning bolt’ design. As a result, it turns out that many people are willing to pay extra for an already overpriced product.

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eBay Doesn’t Sell Alcohol, So People Are Selling Empty Bottles

tesla tequila empty bottles price on ebay
Image: Jamie Mellars/ Facebook

eBay prohibits the sale of any kind of alcohol except for wine from approved sellers. However, it doesn’t restrict users from selling empty bottles of alcohol.

Seeking the opportunity, many people sold the used empty bottles of Tesla Tequila on eBay for up to $999. Here’s a screenshot provided by a reader, it shows the search result page on eBay. (add: sent to us by a reader, agar kisi reader be bheja hai/done)

However, we couldn’t find any listing for empty bottles of Tesla Tequila on eBay at the time of writing. We are not sure if all of them are sold out or eBay decided to turn down the page. (rephrase/done)

Earlier this year, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, came up with another non-automotive product – Tesla shorts for $69. Similar to Tequila, it too sold out within a few minutes of its release.

However, this is the first time we saw Tesla limited edition item being re-sold even before its first buyer received it.

Tesla says deliveries for its Tequila will begin in late 2020. Thus, it seems a bit funny as people who were lucky enough to order it are now reselling it on eBay days before receiving it. We doubt if they’re allowed to do that. (is it possible to do that?/done)

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