Elon Musk “Would Love” To Introduce Tesla In India By Next Year


Showing interest in bringing Tesla to India, Elon Musk says that if not this year, he would love to introduce the company to India by next year.

Musk replied to an Indian on Twitter who asked: “What about India Sir?,” when the billionaire tweeted about building superchargers in Kazakhstan.

For those who have forgotten, the tweet reflecting Musk’s fascination towards India comes months after he (via a tweet) hinted at India’s strict policies for not coming to the country.

It is speculated that while the Indian government was keen on a Tesla factory being set up in the country, Musk was not convinced to act on the same.

However, earlier this month, the Union Cabinet of India introduced a strategic plan for electric vehicles in the country to make India EV-ready by 2024 and localize electric vehicle production.

Additionally, the plan includes setting up a National Mission on Transformative Mobility, Battery Storage and a Phased Manufacturing Program for the in-house production of EV batteries.

The new proposal could help change strict policies and regulations in India and possibly welcome a Tesla factory on Indian shores.

However, as we lack something official, we need to wait for an official word.

To recall, Tesla recently unveiled the Model Y crossover SUV, which is based on the Model 3 platform. The Model Y will arrive in 2020.

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Vanshika Malhotra

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