Elon Musk Is Hiring Smart Watch Engineers For Neuralink

But what does Neuralink have to do with smartwatches?

Elon Musk Is Hiring Smartwatch Engineers For Neuralink
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Elon Musk is searching for competent smartwatch engineers and manufacturers to join his neurotechnology company, Neuralink. He posted the requirement for a smartwatch engineer on Twitter. The tweet garnered the interest of many IT professionals who are excited to work with Elon Musk.

Elon Musk tweeted, “If you’ve engineered or manufactured smartwatches or phones, please join Neuralink! Your skills are directly applicable.” It is an open invitation for anyone who possesses adequate experience and flair for designing smartwatches.

The tweet spawns from a Twitter thread about applications of Neuralink in solving issues like morbid obesity. Elon Musk added to the thread that it was possible to treat morbid obesity with Neuralink. Since it would target the brain directly, the hypothalamus region could be targeted for effective treatment.

He further added that it was an engineering problem to create a state-of-the-art robot that would implant the chip. Moreover, it requires engineers and doesn’t need AI, ML, NN, etc., at the moment. After that, he tweeted about the need for engineers to join Neuralink to speed up the process.

He didn’t share anything about why the company needs a smartwatch engineer for a brain implant chip.

Elon Musk
Image: YouTube

Neuralink hasn’t made the swift progress that Elon Musk claimed a few years back. Solving such a complex problem, one that could fix paralysis for good, won’t be easy. Many researchers have expressed disbelief in the project but Elon Musk’s faith doesn’t waver at all. His company successfully completed the implant in a monkey who played pong with his mind.

Neuralink hasn’t received approval for human testing yet. The test subjects continue to be monkeys that undergo brain implants and then subsequent experiments. Many monkeys died during the initial phase which sparked quite a bit of controversy earlier.

What do you think of Neuralink? Is it actually possible to control the brain using a chip? Or does it sound too cyberpunk-ish? Share your opinions in the comments section.

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