Elon Musk: Your Tesla Car Will Soon ‘Follow You Like A Pet’


Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla cars will soon be receiving a “Summon” feature through an over-the-air update. According to Musk, it can enable the car to follow their owners like a pet.

With this feature, Tesla car owners will be able to have their car drive to their location on its own just by using their phones. Musk says that customers can drive the vehicle remotely through phone just like a big RC car if it is in the line of sight.

This feature will be rolled out in the next six weeks and supported by all the cars manufactured by the company in the last two years, including the lower-priced Tesla Model 3.

In another tweet, Musk also revealed that we can expect auto-parking capabilities anytime next year. The next update to Summon feature will make Tesla cars capable of driving around a parking lot, find an empty spot, and read signs to confirm if the parking spot is valid and empty.

Although the Summon feature was introduced way back in January 2016, its capabilities were rather quite limited. It allowed Tesla owners to roll out the car from a garage or parking space and the reverse as well.

It definitely wasn’t able to find an empty space in the parking lot on its own, so I’d say it is a huge improvement. What are your views on the Summon feature? Drop your thoughts below in the comment box.

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