Elon Musk Shows Off SpaceX’s First Starship Test Rocket


Elon Musk just posted a glimpse of the first test version of SpaceX’s Starship rocket. It was under construction for a very long time and now it’s ready for its very first test flight.

Previously known as the “BFR,” the Starship will be used in super heavy-lift launch vehicle that is meant for longer journeys to the moon and Mars.

However, this test rocket won’t be flying through space for now. It will be used for suborbital test flights. Musk explained the reason behind it in a tweet:

“Orbital version is taller, has thicker skins (won’t wrinkle) & a smoothly curving nose section.” 

So as you can see above in the image, the actual Starship has a lot more texture than the smooth computerized image which Elon Musk shared some time ago.

The reason being this suborbital version is specially designed for vertical take off and landing tests.

Therefore the orbital version of the Starship will be taller and have thicker skins to avoid wrinkling, and a smoother nose as well. According to Musk, SpaceX will complete its first orbital prototype by June this year.

It will take some time before we can see the bigger and smoother Starship which will take planetary flights. Meanwhile, here are other pictures posted by rocket enthusiasts which you can check out:

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