Elon Musk Shares A Video Of ‘Disturbingly Long’ Tunnel By Boring Company


A couple of weeks back, Elon Musk announced the opening of the Boring Company’s first underground tunnel that runs beneath Los Angeles.

Once again, Musk took to Twitter to show off the two-mile-long tunnel that he describes as “disturbingly long.” He apparently walked down the full length of the tunnel and posted a video of his trip underground.

Of course, the tunnel isn’t for pedestrians and is designed to carry vehicles as well as passengers on electric pods. He confirmed that the grand opening of the tunnel is still on track and will be held on 10th December.

The construction of the tunnel began more than a year ago. It runs beneath SpaceX’s Hawthorne, California headquarters to a Los Angeles suburb.

Till date, the Boring Company has planned several other tunnels in Chicago and Washington DC, along with a larger network of tunnels under LA.

These tunnels theoretically use automated pods that can transport a group of people and vehicles along the system’s rails at speeds ranging between 124 mph and 155mph.

However, all of his projects have been obstructed several times by litigations. Let’s hope that the upcoming inauguration goes smoothly this time.

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