Elon Musk Asks Humanity To Stop Running “The Dumbest Experiment In History”


Elon-Musk-Short Bytes: The Earth is facing one of its biggest environment crisis today. Elon Musk said on ‘Wait But Why’ that the indefinite extension of the Fossil Fuels Era is ‘the dumbest experiment in history.’ Jumping to the next era in energy would be by far the biggest step in the history of mankind.

It is no denying fact that the Earth is facing one of its biggest environment crisis today. The world governments know it, people know it- even the kids know it. We all know that the Earth is pushing boundaries to sustain life and is already halfway towards extinction. But are we doing anything to prevent it? Apparently, No.

The pioneer in technology entrepreneurship, Elon Musk said on Wait But Why:

the indefinite extension of the Fossil Fuels Era is “the dumbest experiment in history”.

Humanity is doomed if we keep on waiting for this Fossil Fuel Era to come to an end. Rather than looking out for alternatives, the humans by their hard core selfishness and ignorance, keep on exploiting the natural resources.

As the present rates of extraction, Earth will empty all its resources of oil by 2067, natural gas by 2069, and coal by 2121. For an optimist, this won’t be an end as humans would find other options, new sources of power. Sadly, the problem now is not about the fossil fuels extinction, but about the devastation the rampant usage of these fuels will cause in the next 5 decades.

Scientists have already declared the catastrophic impacts that humanity would have to face if the carbon emissions continue. Though there are certain companies like Musk’s Tesla, and developments such as world’s first absolute solar powered airport that motivate and create awareness amongst the masses.

Elon Musk credits his feeling of oncoming destruction due to the current practices of mankind as the reason to get involved with the electric car company, Tesla.

We are not promoting any specific enterprises here but firmly stating a fact that if electric cars replace the conventional gas and oil vehicles altogether, then it would bring down our carbon emissions drastically.

Humans are brilliant in taking counter measures, but we hope that it does not go too late. The recent California drought and using black shade balls to preserve water is the perfect example of the extant situation.

The crazy experiment pertaining to the fossil fuel era that the humanity is running needs to stop as soon as possible. Sustainable alternatives like hydroelectric, solar, nuclear and unconventional sources such as geothermal energy sources will be better providers of liveable future.

Jumping to the next era of energy would by far be the biggest step in the history of mankind. Tell us your views in comments.

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