“CEO Is A Made-Up Title,” 5 Big Things Elon Said At CEO Council Summit

Musk shares his opinion on everything that matters.

Elon Musk CEO council Summit
A screenshot from CEO Council Summit

We all know Elon Musk for his insightful and often profound views. In typical Musk fashion, the Tesla and SpaceX founder said some significant things about U.S. innovation and the future.

So here are the 5 Elon Musk CEO Council Summit takeaways that you should know about.

Elon Musk CEO Council Summit Takeaways

1. “Can The Whole Bill…”

Speaking about the Biden administration’s infrastructure bill, Elon Musk dismissed it. He said that future obligations towards healthcare and social welfare would take a toll on the deficit. He said that the U.S. government should get rid of all government subsidies.

Elon added that the government is better off using the money to make better airports and highways and solve congested cities’ traffic problems.

2. Government Should Be “Like a Referee” Not A Player

Speaking to Joanna Stern at the CEO Council Summit, Elon briefly talked about the role of the government. He said that the government should be like a referee and not a player in the field.

Musk added that the government shouldn’t come in the way of progress. He added that more rules mean it takes longer to do things and makes it harder to progress. Concluding his point, Musk said that it “hardens the arteries of civilization.”

3. Government Is The Biggest Corporation

You must’ve heard about the U.S. suing big tech with antitrust cases. According to Elon, the government is the biggest corporation, and that too with a monopoly. Joanna asked Musk, “How do you tax billionaires?” if elected to Congress.

To this, Musk countered with, “Why would you want to give a monopoly corporation more money?” He added that we should minimize what the government does as it is more inefficient than any other corporation.

4. Have More Children!

While population overflow has been called a threat to our planet, Musk says otherwise. The controversial CEO said, “if people don’t have more children, civilization is going to crumble.”

5. CEO Is a Made-Up Title

We’ve saved the best for the end, and you’ll see how it is justified. According to Musk, only 3 titles matter when it comes to corporations. These are the President, Secretary, and Treasurer. He added that only one person could be all three.

Then, at the CEO Council Summit, Musk said that “CEO is a made-up title.” He also said he has applied for a formal SEC filing to change his title to “Techno King.”

Elon Musk at CEO Council Summit

Elon has been picking many keyboard fights on Twitter, but he knows his stuff. When asked about the U.S. and China, Musk talks with a sense of balance that shows neither country is perfect.

Elon Musk’s CEO Council Summit takeaways also touched on government and the rules coming in the way of progress. He has been in the headlines for his views on cryptocurrency and occasional headbutting with government officials over Twitter.

However, he’s also working on futuristic tech with electric vehicles, reusable rockets, and innovations like Neuralink.

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