Elon Musk Stole The Flamethrower Idea, Claims Pablo Escobar’s Brother


Elon Musk and controversies go hand in hand! Sometimes, it’s his tweets that cause controversies and other times a possible feud with others. Today, it’s about an online war between Musk and the Escobar family, as the former is accused of copying the design of a flamethrower.

According to a report by TMZ.com, Musk’s The Boring Company’s ‘Not A Flamethrower’ is the result of Pablo Escobar’s idea of a flamethrower.

It is suggested that back in 2017, Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto met one of Musk’s engineers with the idea of developing a toy flamethrower, which could burn money. While the 2017 meeting never came to a conclusion, Musk’s Boring Company announced the Not A Flamethrower in 2018, igniting the anger flames amongst the Escobars.


One thing worth considering is that Musk’s Not A Flamethrower proved to be a success and earned millions in profit.

Soon after, the Escobars came up with their own flamethrower on the market that too, priced at just $500. Furthermore, Escobar’s flamethrower has got a price cut and it now costs $250.

escobar flamethrower

Apart from launching a cheaper version of Musk’s flamethrower, Pablo Escobar and his family are likely to take Musk to court and file a lawsuit against him for stealing Escobar’s intellectual property.

Elon Musk, via a tweet, responded to the allegation by defending himself and the company —

While there is no word on what would happen to this battle, Musk has a patent on the flamethrower, meaning there isn’t a case at all.

We will keep you updated on whatever happens. So, keep on visiting Fossbytes for more information.

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