Electric Cars Are Cleaner Than Petrol: Study Proves Once And For All


Electric cars are cleaner than petrol, a study proved this fact once and for all. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Cambridge, University of Netherlands, Macao University, and the University of Exeter.

The study is titled: “Net emission reductions from electric cars and heat pumps in 59 world regions over time”

The study is based on electric car data from 59 countries, which accounted for 95% of total transport in the world.

After taking into account all the CO2 different cars produce from their manufacturing to usage throughout their lifetime, the researchers concluded that electric vehicles are cleaner than petrol vehicles.

Here’s what you need to know.

Electric Cars Cleaner Than Petrol Proven For The Final Time

Diesel Fuel Diesel Engines

Several electric car enthusiasts already do their fuel-saving calculations before they purchase any EV. Several Tesla owners already know that electric vehicles are far more economical and environment-friendly than petrol cars.

However, the study finally ends the discussion, which usually blames electric cars as canceling out their benefits of zero-emissions during their manufacturing process.

The study proved that electric cars simply produce less CO2 over their lifetime of usage. It said:

“We show that already under current carbon intensities of electricity generation, electric cars and heat pumps are less emission-intensive than fossil-fuel-based alternatives in 53 world regions, representing 95% of the global transport and heating demand.”

The study also proved that heat pumps are far more efficient as a piece of heating equipment in homes to reduce carbon footprint.

Several regions of the world now rely on renewable sources of electricity generation, hence operating electric cars are cheaper and greener.

However, the study also concluded that even if the rate of making electricity generation carbon-free is slower than the rate of adoption of electric cars, it’d still reduce the global CO2 pollution.

The paper mention:

“Even if future end-use electrification is not matched by rapid power-sector decarbonization, it will probably reduce emissions in almost all world regions.”

How Green Is Your Tesla Electric Car?

Model Y Electric Cars

If you own a Tesla Model Y, then you’re saving even more energy because it comes with a heat pump to take care of all the heating applications of the car.

As already proven by the study, electric cars and heat pumps are effective in reducing CO2 pollution, then rest assured that you’re doing your part in saving the environment.

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