Why Is Edward Snowden Being Blamed For Paris Attacks


snowden-4th-amendment-paris-attacksShort Bytes: The security agencies have accused the NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden for the terrorist happenings in the city of Paris. CIA Director John Brennan and ex-CIA director James Woosley, blamed the failure on “a number of unauthorized disclosures” and the attacks on Edward Snowden.

The dust from the bomb attacking in the city of Paris still rests on the pile of bodies lying on the roads and the so called security agencies have started their ‘blame game’ all around the world. The name on the gun point this time is Edward Snowden, who “should be hanged by his neck until he is dead”, as said by the ex-CIA director James Woosley. Snowden came into the spotlight after he acted as the whistle blower exposing the spying activities in the year 2013 – or what we can call “unethical acts” conducted by NSA.

With the advancements in the encryption methods and other security measures which facilitate anonymous use of the internet, the terrorist organizations have also paced themselves step-by-step with the latest technological trends, so as to transfer the required information to their suicide bombers and terrorists who are on the mission to hurt innocent people.

On Monday, CIA Director John Brennan blamed the intelligence failure on “a number of unauthorized disclosures,” which directly points to Edward Snowden and the leaked documents.

Security agencies like NSA collect a huge amount of encrypted e-mail and personal phone data which they say, decode to trace activities all around the world, and they blame Snowden for leaking their confidential information that they’ve gathered in the past years, and might’ve used to prevent the Paris attacks.

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Well their argument is not much of a concern to pay attention, as Snowden wasn’t there to leak any confidential data when the terrorist organizations showcased their portfolio of death massacres in the past decade:

The Bali bombing (2002)
The Madrid train bombing (2004)
The 7/7 London attacks (2005)
The 26/11 Mumbai attacks (2008)

Glenn Greenwald, a journalist who worked with Snowden to expose NSA secrets, said,

I was a bit surprised just by how quickly and blatantly – how shamelessly – some of them jumped to exploit the emotions prompted by the carnage in France to blame Snowden: doing so literally as the bodies still lay on the streets of Paris.

And if we assume that Snowden’s revelations eased the efforts for the terrorist groups to plan such devastating activities in the middle of a high security football stadium, it only adds to the failure list of these agencies that the terrorists groups are capable enough to crack into the secure data servers installed by our highly qualified intelligence agencies, and their phone record collection is only a nonsense propaganda.

The Snowden revelations were not significant because they told The Terrorists their communications were being monitored; everyone – especially The Terrorists – has known that forever,

– Greenwald added

In fact, the terrorist groups had a proper instructions set, dates back to 2003, so as to familiarize them with the use of sophisticated and strong encryption techniques which came into notice as it was a part of the leaked GCHQ documents, “Jihadist Book”, as the agency calls it. So, there is no point in blaming Snowden for how qualified are the terrorist organizations when it comes to transmit there plans in a highly encrypted and secure environment, only to hide the incompetency of the security agencies as Woosley said,

Snowden, who leaked a vast trove of classified files detailing the extent and workings of the United States intelligence system, is responsible for the Paris terror attacks and now has ‘blood on his hands.’

The recent Paris attacks have only empowered these so called agencies to peep into our personal lives and force the social networking companies to create a back door in their apps so that they can comprise the encryption levels as per their will. The innocent blood flow on the cold November night doesn’t have much importance in the view of the government and the so-called security agencies, they only care about their fake pride and are not ashamed of how insanely they’ve acted in the situation of such crisis.

Please raise your voice against terrorism and these insane authorities, this is not a just an article, it’s ab appeal. I seriously condemn acts like these, as they are an attack on humanity and such blame-game is an insult to the victims and their families.

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