Ecosia — The Search Engine That Plants Trees


Short Bytes: We all know how server farms consume a lot of energy and produce tons of electronic waste. Many initiatives have been put in motion to reduce the carbon footprints of the information technology industry and in a variety of ways, whether it’s moving to green energy or engineering power distribution systems. But, Ecosia has chosen to branch off in their own direction. This search engine aims to contribute 80%+ of ad revenue generated to tree planting campaigns.

As an advocate for environmental responsibility, I admire companies that employ green solutions at their own cost. The industrial revolution was bootstrapped by coal and oil, but now it’s time to move beyond this crude method. While some companies will lag behind the pack, it’s exciting to see others leading far ahead. Ecosia is one of those companies that’s setting a high bar and making a great example.

Ecosia is a small organization that only directly employs a small number of people, but has a very large impact. Ecosia is much different than other companies because they aim to contribute 80%+ of revenue (not profit) generated from their ads to tree planting campaigns. Additionally, the tree planting projects provided much-needed seed money into the local economies of developing nations.

All you need to do to start contributing to global reforestation is to switch to Ecosia for your web searches. It’s simple and effective. If you’re at all in doubt, you’ll be happy to know that they have already funded the planting of over six million trees to date. If you’re still skeptical about Ecosia’s selflessness, you can find reports on their website that provide insight into where the revenue goes.

I, personally, really like Google’s search. But I can’t, in good conscience, not use Ecosia given the clear benefits. Sure, I might need to go back to Google the odd time when I’m having difficulty finding something, but I can handle that.

Will anyone else start using Ecosia? Do you know of any other companies that are setting high standards for environmental friendliness?

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Devin McElheran

Devin McElheran

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