Earth’s Fast-Moving Magnetic North Pole Disrupts Navigation System


Earth’s magnetic North pole has always been on the move, but this movement is now having a significant impact on navigation technology as it is drifting from the Canadian Arctic towards Siberia — at a very fast speed.

The speed at which magnetic North moves has increased from 9 miles per year to 34 miles per year, leaving researchers in a tussle to track the changes.

Whenever there is turbulence in our planet’s outer liquid core, the magnetic poles shift in ways that are “unpredictable.” There is nothing that humanity can do apart from trying to keep up.

So scientists from the National Centers for Environmental Information have rolled out an update to the World Magnetic Model, a year earlier than planned, to adjust the “unplanned variations in the Arctic region” which makes the existing magnetic north inaccurate.

These “unplanned variations” are basically the quick movement of the magnetic pole which is causing a problem for every device with a magnetic compass on the Earth. This includes smartphones, military vehicles, and airliners.

But many of you might not have noticed it since the navigation systems in our cars or phones mostly use radio waves from satellites that revolve around the Earth to locate their position on the ground.

However, your favorite mapping app cannot be trusted as the World Magnetic Model plays a role in GPS service. Although they too rely primarily on satellites to get you from one point to another, so you are covered there.

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