Earth Pushing Boundaries To Sustain Life: Half Way To Extinction


Earth is getting hostile with each passing day; claims a new theory by a Swedish scientist. Humans have reached to half of the limiting conditions that keeps the planet hospitable for living. A man made extinction might be looming over our heads as per going by this study. Global warming, reckless usage of natural resources and pollution are finally taking their toll on the planet.

There had been a number of studies regarding the dangers faced by our ecosystem that could result in the mass extinction of several species and at one point it would even pass mankind itself. But singular studies are never taken seriously because of the anonymous factors that come into picture during the research. This study however brings out the cumulative results of many studies that have been going on past three decades.

Environmental science professor Johan Rockstrom, the executive director of the Stockholm Resilience Center in Sweden, argues that there are nine “planetary boundaries”  – and human have already crossed four of them.

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As per Rockstrom’s research we have already raced past species’ extinction, climate change, harmful pollutants in our atmosphere and deforestation. And, what worries more is that now we accelerating towards other five. The scientists claim that climate changes will ultimately lead to species extinction and is the most dangerous factors to be reckoned with.

Rockstrom commented:

The planet has been our best friend by buffering our actions and showing its resilience. But for the first time ever, we might shift the planet from friend to foe.

Scientists usually do not give out alarming details of the studies until it is absolutely necessary. But with the growing concerns over global warming and the loss of over 90% of species on various parts of the planet, it seems that we have reached to the edge. Oceans becoming more acidic and population boom from 2 billion in 1920’s to current 7.2 billion is also a huge cause of concern.

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We have had five mass extinctions before but this one is both scary and morally stinging because it is caused by humans. Humans will be the cause of annihilation of unimaginable number of species. So it hits even harder.

It does not matter how much technologically advanced humans get we still have no control over Nature and will definitely feel her wrath if we does not heed to the warnings. The ‘Nine Boundaries’ parameter theory in itself does not predict any doomsday message but cautions everyone against the impending danger and to change their ways. It is up to the world’s developed and developing nations to cut out their carbon emissions and change the course of future.

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