E Ink Gallery 3 Will Change Your Thoughts About E-Readers

The next generation color ePaper.

E Ink Gallery 3
Image: E Ink

Digital paper maker E Ink has launched E Ink Gallery 3. This is the next generation Color ePaper for eReader and eNote. Gallery 3 will join other ePaper companies recently launched in the lineup, i.e., E Ink Spectra 3100 and E Ink Gallery Plus.

E Ink Gallery 3 is based on E Ink ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper Platform). In ACeP technology, the full-color gamut is achieved through a four-particle ink system: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and White. The technology allows a full-color gamut at each pixel level.

E Ink has made several improvements in Gallery 3 compared to previous generations. It has a black and white update time of 350ms, fast color mode of 500ms, a standard color mode between 750-1000ms, and the best color at 1500ms. In comparison, the first generation E ink Gallery had a black and white update time of 2 seconds and a color mode of 10 seconds.

Gallery 3 also has improved resolution over its predecessor. It has a 300 PPI resolution over 150 PPI in Gallery 1. Gallery 3 also has support for pen input in black and white. E Ink has also introduced a new “Comfort Gaze” front light technology to help with a blue light safe viewing experience.

The newly launched E Ink Gallery 3 will be available for viewing at Touch Taiwan 2022 and during Display Week. During these events, E Ink will also showcase foldable and rollable versions of E Ink Gallery 3. What are your thoughts about E Ink Gallery 3 and the improvements it brings over the previous generation? Do let us know in the comments. Also, if you want to learn more, read our piece on E Ink Displays.

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