This Is The World’s Most Engineered Christmas Tree With Floating Decorations


dyson-engineers-creates-a-high-tech-christmas-tree-complete-with-hovering-ornamentsShort Bytes: Christmas is here and so are the beautiful Christmas trees. To blow us away with its Christmas tree, Dyson has created a high-tech Christmas tree with floating ornaments. The engineers were able to make this possible using “Bernoulli’s Principle”.

What’s your plan this Christmas? Decorate a Christmas tree? Instead of using same old decorations, the engineers at Dyson have much advanced plan for this Christmas.

Dyson, the vacuum cleaner company decided to give Christmas tree a unique innovative edge this year. A team of eight researchers has successfully developed a high-tech Christmas tree at Dyson’s headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire (UK).

Engineers have created a futuristic Christmas tree. The 12-foot-tall tree is made of transparent hoover tubes at the base. When air is sent up the tubes, nine purple decorations start dancing in the air. The star of the tree is the yellow foam ball at the top. The tree makes use of fluid dynamics idea of Bernoulli’s principle to suspend baubles at the end of branches of the tree. It took about five hours for the engineers to design and finally achieve a perfect geometry.

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A senior fluid dynamics engineer said in a statement,”the tree uses Bernoulli’s principle to suspend baubles at the end of the tree branches. Swiss scientist, Daniel Bernoulli, demonstrated that, in most cases, the pressure in a liquid or gas decreases as it moves faster, this is why the baubles stays (sic) suspended in the air.”

This tree was kept at the company’s reception area this month. The company is on a mission to create a Christmas tree that people have never seen before. Last year, they had a double-helix inspired tree.

Watch the ultramodern Christmas tree in the following video:

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