DVDVideoSoft Subtitle Downloader: How To Download YouTube Subtitles For Free


There are times when we all want to watch videos on YouTube, having a foreign language. However, due to the lack of proper subtitles, we don’t understand a single word in the video. Well, that is when YouTube subtitles downloader comes into the equation.

Subtitles downloader lets you download subtitles of a YouTube video just by using its URL. For quite a while, I have been testing Online YouTube Subtitles Downloader by DVDVideoSoft, which I am going to explain in this article.

DVDVideoSoft’s Online YouTube Subtitles Downloader

The online subtitles downloader for Youtube by DVDVideoSoft is one of the best tools I have stumbled upon. First thing first, DVDVideoSoft made this tool completely free, which makes it easier for users to try it out. Secondly, the tool is straightforward to use; you can download the subtitles of almost every video under a minute.

What’s amazing is that this tool gives you the perfect opportunity to learn a foreign language. First, you can download the entire script of a video in your desired language and read those subtitles before watching the video. Finally, you can watch the video while also memorizing the words in subtitles.


1. Subtitles In Different Languages

The best thing about DVDVideoSoft’s subtitle downloader is that it lets you download subtitles in different languages. However, if the video is relatively new, then don’t expect that many options in terms of language. Nevertheless, if a video was a few months old, then I was able to download the subtitles in at least 5-6 languages, which is impressive.

2. No Timestamps

Other subtitles downloaders generally give you subtitles in SRT format with time stamps and tag markups. However, DVDVideoSoft’s subtitle downloader gives you an option to download subtitles in clean text format without time stamps. 

3. Interval

If, for some reason, you don’t want to download the subtitles for the whole video, then you’d be surprised to know that free Online Youtube Subtitles Downloader lets you chose an interval to download subtitles from.

How To Download YouTube Subtitles Online For Free

  1. First, copy the URL of the YouTube video for which you want to download the subtitles.
  2. Paste that URL in the box and click on Download.
    download youtube substitles for free
  3. Select the language in which you want to download the subtitles.
  4. Then, select the interval if you don’t want to download the subtitles for the entire video.
  5. Change the Timestamp settings as per your needs.
  6. Finally, you’ll see a preview of the subtitles in the preview box from where you can copy the subtitles. Also, you can download the subtitles in the download.txt format.
    DVDVideoSoft youtube subtitles downloader

Final Verdict On DVDVideoSoft’s Online YouTube Subtitles Downloader

I’ve used several YouTube subtitles downloader in the past; however, the subtitles downloader by DVDVideoSoft is the best. It gives you subtitles in multiple languages in simple text format, which makes it the best tool for learning different languages. Also, with a super easy process and user-friendly UI, getting the subtitles isn’t that difficult.

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