DuckDuckGo Email Protection Vs. Apple Mail Privacy Protection: Which One Is Better For You?

DuckDuckGo works across devices and platforms and Apple offers a lot of control and additional features.


With the launch of the ‘Hide My Email’ and ‘Mail Privacy Protection’ features, Apple spotlighted email trackers and the need to block them. DuckDuckGo has launched its own ‘Email Protection,’ a ‘Hide My Email’ alternative. While Apple’s services work neatly inside the Apple ecosystem, DuckDuckGo’s offering works across platforms.

However, there are key differences between the two options, and you may need to know them before choosing an email privacy service. For starters, DuckDuckGo’s “Email Protection” is still in the Beta phase, and you’ll have to get on the waitlist to start using the feature. Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection is only offered across Apple devices, which too when you’re using your Apple ID to sign up.

DuckDuckGo Vs. Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Features Email Protection Mail Privacy Protection
Hide Email Address Yes Yes
Forwarding Address You’ll get a [name] ID which forwards the email to your existing email ID after removing the tracker. Trackers are removed from all the emails you receive on the Apple Mail app.
Added Features Remove trackers from incoming emails so you can open them in any app you’re using. Includes a Hide My Email feature that lets you control which apps can send you emails.
Limitations There is no tracker removal for previous services that already have your email address. Works only if you sign up with your Apple ID and use the Apple Mail app.

The first difference you’ll note is that DuckDuckGo offers a service that works across platforms while Apple services only work on Apple devices. The latter’s privacy features are way more comprehensive and offer added layers of control.

DuckDuckGo’s ‘Email Protection’ lets you sign up with your address and remove trackers from any email you receive via that address. Apple’s ‘Mail Privacy Protection’ is a set of features that lets you hide your emails, remove trackers, and provide more control over who can send you an email.

So if you’re deep into the Apple ecosystem, you’re well off with Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection services. However, if you’re using a Windows or Android device, DuckDuckGo Email Protection is a solid offering.

How Good Is DuckDuckGo ‘Email Protection?’

DuckDuckGo Email Protection
Image: DuckDuckGo

Since it is still in the beta phase, we can’t comment on the final product. However, for now, DuckDuckGo has a solid ‘Hide My Email’ alternative that works across platforms. This is a simple forwarding address that removes trackers from any emails you’re receiving and forwards them to your inbox. So if you’re using Gmail, create your address and use it to fill out forms or anything else.

When someone sends an email to your address, DuckDuckGo’s ‘Email Protection’ removes the tracker and forwards the email to your Gmail inbox. So your email will appear as usual but free from trackers. You can sign up for DuckDuckGo Email Protection Beta and get an invite to try the service.

How Does ‘Mail Privacy Protection’ Work?

Hide My Email is part of Apple’s latest privacy feature that comes with iOS 15. It works with Private Relay and removes trackers from your email. Unlike DuckDuckGo Email Protection, Hide My Email generates unique alphanumeric email IDs for different services. To use this service, you’ll have to Sign up with your Apple ID.

DuckDuckGo vs Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Apple exceeds DuckDuckGo ‘Email Protection’ in control. It offers over who can send you an email. If you use Hide My Email, you can go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Hide my email. From here, you can see which apps have your forwarding address and which are allowed to send you emails. You can manage who can send you emails from these settings.

Mail Privacy Protection kicks in when it comes to removing trackers. This makes it better than DuckDuckGo’s offering, as it applies to all the mail you receive on the Apple Mail App. So all trackers are filtered, and hiding your email is just an additional level of control over it. Apple’s single sign-on service is also available across all major platforms, saving you some steps during the signup process.

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