DuckDuckGo Email Protection Beta Is Now Available For Everyone

Worried about email trackers? You may want to use this.

DuckDuckGo Email Protection
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Privacy is one of the most overused terms as well as an important thing with the growing internet culture. You need to protect your privacy if you’re out there on the internet. How do you do that? Primarily by using VPNs and DuckDuckGo’s email protection feature for accessing emails.

Last year, we reported that DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection was available in beta, but users needed to join a private waitlist. It looks like the wait is finally over, and the feature has now been made public, which means anyone can access it.

How does DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection work?

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You may know that email trackers can collect a lot of your information—everything from when you open an email to sending emails, trackers record everything, and they do it without your consent.

DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection aims to tackle this issue by forwarding your email address to a unique private email address. It also removes email trackers to protect you from prying trackers. The service is cross-platform and is now available on Windows, iOS, and Android.

During the initial testing phase, DuckDuckGo found trackers in 85% of testers’ emails, which is obviously really bad for privacy. Apart from the core functionality of email protection, the team has also been working on features like Link Tracking protection and Smarter Encryption.

Link Tracking allows you to detect and remove tackers in email links, whereas Smarter Encryption upgrades unencrypted HTTP linked in the email to an HTTPS link. Also, when you get an email, you can easily reply using your Personal Duck address and a Random address. To top it off, there is a Self-Service Dashboard where users can make changes to their Duck account whenever they want to.

An example of a unique personal Duck address would be “[email protected],” which works with the existing email addresses. On the other hand, a unique private Duck address protects you by allowing you to create Private Duck addresses for every website.

DuckDuckGo Email Protection Vs Apple Mail Privacy Protection

What are your thoughts about the new email protection feature? Have you used DuckDuckGo before? How was your experience with it? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, here’s how DuckDuckGo’s email protection compares to Apple’s. Spoiler: It’s an “Apple’s” to apple comparison (Pun intended).

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