Drunk Roommates Stab Each Other and Hospitalized Over Android vs iPhone Debate


android vs iphone fight

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You must have come across some angry fanboys debating over their favorite gadgets. I’ve had my share of such fights and accept it, at some point or the other, you would have surely taken part in one such feud trying to fight for the honor of your favorite.

Android vs iPhone feuds are one of the most commonly witnessed debates. One such fight over Android vs iPhone debate turned ugly in Tulsa when two roommates ended up stabbing each other. According to the local news source, KTUL, two alcohol driven roommates found their phones worth spilling each other’s blood and being hospitalized.

According to Tulsa police, a woman reported regarding a man covered in blood and stumbling in the parking lot around 1 a.m. in the night. Police said that both of them broke their beer bottles and stabbed each other using those. One of these two smashed the bottle over his roommate’s head.

Currently, both of them are being treated in the local hospital. Police is looking into the matter and isn’t sure who they will charge or if the charges will be filed.

android vs iphone fight

According to the media reports, police didn’t comment anything when they were asked which phone was in fact better.

I’m kind of relieved that no Windows Phone fans were not present at that moment as I have a feeling that Windows Phone fans too have a lot to say. I hope both of them don’t get involved in some further fight and I wish them a speedy recovery. ;)

Hey warriors, it’s time to take a side. Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry? Comment down your favorites.

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