Drone Update : Project Wing, Google’s Secret Delivery System Program


Google has admitted that it has been developing a delivery system based on drones which will possess the ability to deliver packages and perform other tasks.

This project is called Project Wing and it hints towards Google’s desires to expand its horizons and participate in this new game which was made buzz worthy by Amazon last year. Recently Amazon has announced that it will launch its Prime Air in upcoming months in India due to obstacles in USA.

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This Project Wing is another outcome of Google X which is responsible for innovations like Google Glass, driverless cars and other “moonshot” projects. Google has been working on it for years and recently company has been testing its delivery drones in Australia. Project Wing looks like a story which looks unrealistic on a large scale in present scenario but Astro Teller of Google X has a different tale to offer. He says, “Working together we can get to this future, I think, surprisingly quickly.”

The Google delivery drone releasing a package (Google)

Google has conducted more than 30 test flights in Australia in mid-August which is the conclusion of the first phase of Project Wing. The drones which Google has been testing had plane like wings with rotors to help them to take off and land. “Australia’s rolling hills, open sky and long standing history of innovation with UAVs provided the perfect opportunity to safely put our prototype vehicles and delivery system through their paces outside of a controlled lab environment,” Google said. According to Goggle the drone flew 40 meters above the trees and dropped a chocolate bar package to a farmer in Queensland, Australia.

According to The Atlantic:

During this initial phase of development, Google landed on an unusual design called a tail sitter, a hybrid of a plane and a helicopter that   takes off vertically, then rotates to a horizontal position for flying around. For delivery, it hovers and winches packages down to the ground. At the end of the tether, there’s a little bundle of electronics they call the “egg,” which detects that the package has hit the ground, detaches from the delivery, and is pulled back up into the body of the vehicle.

With these recent developments in the field, we can see these drones delivering our packages sooner than we expected and it won’t seem much unusual as it is looking right now.

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