“Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” New Trailer Released

Does Piccolo have a new transformation in the trailer?

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero New Trailer Released
Image Credit: Toei Animation

‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ is an upcoming anime film and the next installment to the massively popular Dragon Ball franchise. We last saw Goku and his friends back in 2018 in the Broly movie. So it has been a while, and fans are craving more Dragon Ball.

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And to give you a glimpse of what’s to come, Toei has released another trailer for their upcoming film. The promo shows off the new CGI anime style and some very interesting hints for the film. So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ new trailer

The clip is just a minute long, with some clips reused from the older trailers. But there are still a lot of sneak peeks hidden in the trailer. The clip starts with some cool actions from Piccolo, Gohan, and the new androids. Although CGI felt odd at first, it certainly is growing on us as we see more of it.

But it is at the end of the clip where some new scenes pop up. We see Piccolo disguising himself as a Red Ribbon Army member, possibly to infiltrate their base, and Pan being kidnapped by the new villains. We finally get a clearer look at Broly, along with possibly a new transformation for Piccolo as well.

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What is ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ about?

Dragon Ball Super Broly
Image Credit: Toei Animation

The film will continue the storyline from the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie, not the manga. So don’t expect Moro or Granolah to show up in anime form for now. The film will see the revival of the Red Ribbon Army, thwarted by a young Goku back in the original Dragon Ball.

The army has sent two androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, who consider themselves superheroes. However, it looks like Goku is training with Broly on Beerus’ planet, so it will fall to Gohan and Piccolo to take on this new threat.

‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ release date

The film will be released in Japan on April 22, 2022. As for outside Japan, the film will be released in North America somewhere in summer 2022. So you can expect the release for the rest of the world to be even later, like the Broly movie.

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