Dragon Ball Anime Rumored To Be Returning In 2023

Is the weekly anime finally returning after so long?

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Dragon Ball Anime Rumored To Be Returning In 2023
Image Credit: Toei

The last Dragon Ball anime we got was Dragon Ball Super, which ended in 2018. However, later that aired, we got a sequel film, the Broly movie, and then we also had the new Super Hero film in Japanese theaters. But the franchise has remained dormant in terms of weekly anime series.

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However, some sources have suggested that the anime might be due to return in 2023. Moreover, there is also apparently a new film in the works. Let’s talk about these rumors in detail in the next section.

Dragon Ball anime rumors

Dragon Ball Anime Rumored To Be Returning In 2023
Image Credit: Twitter

As per a tweet by DBS Chronicles, who has been a credible source for the franchise, there are two new projects in the works. One is a weekly anime set after the “Universe Survival Arc,” which is the last arc of the Super anime. And the other is a new movie set after Super Heroes. DBS Chronicles has also stated that they are not sure when, but the anime will be announced in 2022.

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What will the new Dragon Ball anime in 2023 be about?

Dragon Ball Anime Rumored To Be Returning In 2023
Image Credit: Toei

Although not officially confirmed yet, the tweet suggests that the anime is right after the “Universal Survival Arc.” Now we know that after that arc, we had the Broly arc we saw in the 2018 film. But we also know that Dragon Ball’s story has continued in the Super Manga.

So we expect the anime to cover the movie since the original Super anime did the same. But after that, the anime might begin adapting manga, starting with the galactic patrol arc, before the Superhero film. Or the anime might follow its separate canon, too; we will simply have to wait and find out in 2023.

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