How To Download Packages Faster In Linux Using APT-FAST Command?

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Short Bytes: A developer named Matt Parnell has created a new utility called apt-fast. It is a shell script wrapper which enables multiple connections during package download in the command line. This increases the download speed of the package in comparison to the apt-get utility.

The apt-get command is associated with the Advanced Package Tool and it is used to install and remove application packages on Linux distros like Debian (and it’s derivatives), Slackware, and others. You can also use apt-get to update existing Linux packages.

One thing that degrades the apt-get experience is that the downloads are slow and time-consuming. Matt Pernell (ilikenw) has the answer to this problem. His new script known as apt-fast boosts the package download speeds. For this, apt-fast uses multiple connections to download the same package. It is similar to various download managers like Internet Download Manager.

The apt-fast utility is a shell script wrapper which uses the aria2c download manager to enable multiple connections during package download process. So, under the hood, it still uses the apt-get and aptitude tools.

How to install apt-fast on your Linux distribution:

The following commands allow installation of apt-fast 1.8 on Ubuntu 14.04 and later versions. It works on Debian-based Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint which itself is Ubuntu-based.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:saiarcot895/myppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install apt-fast

After installing the apt-fast package, you will have to configure apt-fast in the command line:

  1. In the Package manager to install and remove software, the apt-fast option should be red. Press Enter to continue.
    increase download speed
  2. Type the number of simultaneous connections you want for apt-fast. Press Enter.
    increase package download speed 2
  3. Choose whether to suppress apt-fast confirmation. Leave the No option red if you want the confirmation to be displayed every time. Press Enter.
    increase package download speed 3

How to use the apt-fast command in Ubuntu?

The apt-fast command works similar to apt-get. You can use it to install packages on your Linux distro just like you do with apt-get command.

For more information about using apt-fast, you can view its man page:

man apt-fast

You can visit Matt Parnell’s Git repository to know more about apt-fast installation. There you will find mirrors which can be added to the apt-fast.conf file to distribute load and increase download speeds.

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