Why Don’t Users Like Hike? Maybe Because it Has Bugs!



Why Hike is somewhat better than WhatsApp?

Hike is an instant messaging app much like WhatsApp and it’s made in India and that is one of the reason too I like about it. Anyways apart from this, it has a lot of cool features that WhatsApp doesn’t provide such as stickers that can help the user express better. It also has free calls and free text messaging services now. It gives an impression of a much heavy app as compared to WhatsApp and hence should be slower but we must appreciate the Hike development team who has made it at par to WhatsApp in performance or even greater than WhatsApp sometimes.

Why don’t users like Hike?

One thing that we have heard from the majority of the Hike users complaining about is its group policies. Unlike WhatsApp, anybody can add a new group member to a Hike group anonymously and that is sometimes annoying for a user who doesn’t want to be in that group. There is no way you can block a group in Hike. When combined with Hike Nudges and stickers which are one of the coolest features Hike has, it becomes even more painful. Yeah, you got it right, sometimes even cool and best features when improperly used can annoy users too. Let me tell you a bit about the bug I found in Hike and reported it to them.

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What kind of bug is there in Hike?

Imagine, there is a notorious Hike group in which group members sends 5 nudges and stickers per second (they do it because they are easy to send and they have nothing to do at home), you are on a holiday, you open up your Hike at the end of the day and find out that the group has been flooded with thousands of messages which are impossible to read for you. In between, those heavy stickers consumed a lot of your mobile data which costed you a lot. You want to leave the group, you left it. Seconds later, someone again adds you to the group and you don’t know who actually because Hike doesn’t tell you who added you to the group. You can mute the group but what about that mobile data that gets consumed when those thousands of heavy stickers are downloaded. As a final option, you have no choice but uninstalling Hike and switch over to WhatsApp.

Take a look at the video I made explaining the same:

I’ve reported this bug to the Hike team and I’m expecting to get a reply from their support team pretty soon.
Hike Nudges features can also become painful sometimes, because sending nudges are easier and a good way to annoy your friend but Hike can help you to block any user, so that is not a problem as prominent as the other one above.
In my opinion, Hike should allow settings to turn off nudges and stickers so that users who don’t want them don’t get them at all. That would really help Hike maintaining a lot of users and getting new users too.

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Try to explore this bug on your devices and comment down your experiences below!

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