Does Missing Netflix Content In India Really Make A Difference?

Grab a cup of tea, pair it up with a samosa, and continue to enjoy content from Netflix India.

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During my childhood, I remember waiting patiently in front of the TV, enduring several ads to watch movies. I’m sure everyone from the 1990s and earlier knows that feeling. However, when Netflix arrived in India, things changed pretty quickly.

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It provided movie and TV show enthusiasts with a platform to stream their favorite titles online. All you had to do was have a stable internet connection and boom! That’s it. Now, you can watch most of your favorite titles online.

Netflix has now somewhat become an integral part of our lives. The biggest reason for it is its huge library which offers content for everyone. But a few years ago, that wasn’t the case. Due to licensing problems and whatnot, many Netflix titles didn’t arrive in India.

Keeping that in mind, a question might come to your head – does the missing Netflix content in India really make a difference?

It doesn’t really matter

Does The Missing Netflix Content In India Really Make A Difference?
Image credit: Netflix

Yes, that’s the short answer, but I know you’d be disappointed if I ended this article with just that. So building upon my previous point. Yes, a few years ago, Netflix India’s library wasn’t as rich in content as it is today.

Apart from the biggest global releases, there wasn’t anything worth watching. But that changed when the streaming juggernaut realized how big of an audience it was missing out on. Of course, in India, we want to watch everything for free. However, that perception has changed over the years.

A huge credit for this goes to Reliance Jio for providing high-speed internet to everyone at a nominal cost. Additionally, having a fast internet connection helped everyone develop a habit of consuming content online.

Fast forward to 2022, Netflix releases most of its content from the U.S. or the U.K. simultaneously in India. So, believe me, we are not missing out on anything as of now.

But are there still titles exclusive to the U.S.?

Of course, that’s true. However, both the quality and the quantity of those titles aren’t that good. Most of the Netflix U.S. exclusives are old movies from the 1980s. Similar is the case for Netflix U.K. too.

On top of that, there are several titles that are exclusive to the subcontinent as well. A recent example of this is Jitendra Kumar’s Jaadugar. A good movie with an enjoyable storyline released exclusively in India.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for this article—no need for me to blabber on and on about it. At the end of the day, the missing Netflix content in India doesn’t matter at all. So keep streaming on Netflix without worrying about missing out on quality content.

Aikansh Chaudhary

Aikansh Chaudhary

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