Docker Announced Docker Toolbox – An All in One Installer for Docker


Docker-ToolboxShort Bytes: Docker Toolbox is an all in one installer for Mac OS X and Windows. Toolbox installs everything you need to get Docker running in development: the Docker client, Compose (Mac only), Kitematic, Machine, and VirtualBox. 

Docker on Aug 12, 2015, announced Docker Toolbox on its official blog, an all in one replacement for boot2docker tool. Toolbox installs everything you need to get Docker running in development: the Docker client, Compose (Mac only), Kitematic, Machine, and VirtualBox. Toolbox uses Machine and VirtualBox to create an Engine in a VM to run your containers. On top of that VM, you can then use the Docker client, Compose and Kitematic to run containers.

For those who are new to Docker

Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development. Docker containers wrap up a piece of software in a complete filesystem that contains everything it needs to run: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries – anything you can install on a server. This guarantees that it will always run the same, regardless of the environment it is running in.

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Docker team has been hearing about the difficult to get up and started with Docker in development for long time. With the popularity of Compose, Kitematic and Boot2Docker, they realized they needed to make all the pieces work better together and hence toolbox was born.

If you are already using Boot2Docker for container provision, you can follow the below steps to migrate your existing VMs to Docker Machine management-

Boot2docker will automatically migrate your VMs to Toolbox. To manually migrate your VM named boot2docker-vm from Boot2Docker to Docker Machine, please type the following command in your terminal:

  1. Open a terminal or the Docker CLI on your system.
  2. Type the following command.
    docker-machine create -d virtualbox --virtualbox-import-boot2docker-vm boot2docker-vm dev
  3. Use the docker-machine command to interact with the migrated VM.

Although the Boot2Docker installer has been quite popular, Docker Toolbox has been designed to include the growing set of Docker developer tools like Kitematic, Machine, Swarm, and Compose. Boot2Docker also installed a command-line tool calledboot2docker which was used to manage the Docker VM. In Toolbox this has been replaced with Machine.

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