Disney+, HBO Max, & Others Are Finding It Difficult To Retain Subscribers: Report

How long do new subscribers stay with popular streaming services?

Disney+, HBO Max, and other stream services are failing to retain new subscribers
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In 2022, there were several fantastic streaming services out there. Each of them has a unique selling point and hence is loved by viewers of all ages. However, so many options are available, it also leads to titles being launched on various platforms.

Each platform has its exclusive titles, which play an essential role in bringing new subscribers to companies. At the time of the release of the said titles, this seems like a huge benefit for the services. But what was the aftermath of it? What happens after the craze of a TV show or a movie settles down? Do the new subscribers stay loyal to them?

A recent report by the Wall Street Journal suggests that is not the case. According to the report above, many big-name streaming platforms like Disney+ and HBO Max fail to retain their new subscribers.

A Dreaded Six Month Deadline For Streaming Services

Disney+, HBO Max, and other stream services are failing to retain new subscribers
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The report by WSJ dived into the numbers and brought a surprising stat under the light. The article used data provided by Antenna, and it revealed:

Roughly half of the U.S. viewers who signed up within three days of the release of “Hamilton,” “Wonder Woman 1984″ and “Greyhound” were gone within six months, Antenna data show.”

The three titles mentioned above were launched on Disney+, HBO Max, and Apple TV+, but they had one thing in common. The popular services lost the subscribers they gained from those titles were nowhere to be found within six months.

Now, this raises the question: what can the streaming services do to retain these subscribers for a long period of time? However, there is not much they can do. Considering the level of competition in the streaming industry, each platform needs to bring out something new each month. As a result, it takes a huge chunk of their time. They are left with no choice but to comply.

What are your thoughts on this report? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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