Wait, Did The Simpsons Really Predict The Queen’s Death?

It looks like it did, but did it.

The Simpsons Queen Death
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The world witnessed the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch, on September 8. And her funeral, which included all the traditional royal rites, was held a few days ago. Various royal rites have been performed over the last ten days, and we have witnessed the royal family travel to pay respect to their late Queen.

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As everyone was glued to their TVs to watch the Queen’s final voyage, the internet was occupied with obsessing about a certain episode of The Simpsons. Here’s why.

Did The Simpsons predict the Queen’s death beforehand?

The Simpsons, an American cartoon show, has a huge fan base. While it has captivated the audience for decades, the most intriguing aspect of the show is that it is said to have foretold several historical events. This features Donald Trump becoming President of the United States, among other things.

Now, according to several viral tweets, The Simpsons even managed to foresee the death of Queen Elizabeth II. And not to mention the precise year of her death. The images that went viral show a funeral, and be sure to check out the tweets below.

Maybe, it’s all fake!

According to the tweets, the images depict a person in a coffin who resembles Queen Elizabeth II. And the dates listed are exactly the same as the Queen’s living timeline (1926–2022). Now that the images have gone viral online, people are debating over them. However, it turns out that the images aren’t accurate. Few sources claim that the said tweet includes morphed pictures.

Millions of people have seen, shared, and commented on the tweet on Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit, indicating that The Simpsons foresaw her passing in 2022, back in 2014. The first image, which seems to be from 2014, is really from Season 15, episode “The Regina Monologues,” which aired on January 9, 2004.

Queen Elizabeth II’s death was never included in the episodes. While she appeared on the show several times over the course of 33 seasons, she never died on it. The other images are merely mutated and altered versions of Donald Trump’s image, and they are likewise labeled as false.

Of course, there have been numerous noteworthy instances throughout The Simpsons’ 728 episodes where a joke or plotline actually came true. The Disney and Fox merger was foreseen in 1998’s “When You Wish Upon a Star,” and the COVID-19 pandemic was mentioned in 1993’s “Marge in Chains,” among other examples.

With that said, The Simpsons season 34 is only a few days away. Do you think they will predict the future further? Let us know in the comments down below.

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