Did Telegram Share User Data? Reports Say Yes

Telegram's recent actions speak for themselves.

Did Telegram Share User Data? Reports Say Yes
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Privacy on messaging apps has been a concern for many users. Apps like Telegram and Whatsapp provide reassurance by telling us how the data is end-to-end encrypted and completely secure.

The messaging apps that offer end-to-end encryption say they’ve thrown away the key to their user’s data. This is metaphorical and literal, as whatever’s been scrambled in transmission cannot be undone. However, Telegram claims that it out protects its users whether they use E2EE or not.

According to Telegram, government data requests have to pass an especially high muster before they comply, and they have never agreed to such a request. But the report says otherwise; let’s go through it.

Telegram Shared Data: Says the report

Did Telegram Share User Data? Reports Say Yes
Image Credit: Unsplash

According to Android Police, reports from Der Spiegel’s sources suggest that Telegram has recently fulfilled many data requests. That too is from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office involving terror and child abuse suspects. Still, more data requests for criminal cases have been ignored.

Telegram, in an Faq section of its website, claims that it has transferred 0 bytes of user data” to any third party, including governments. In Telegram’s privacy policy, last updated in 2018, the company says it will release users’ IP addresses and phone numbers to authorities when presented with a warrant on terrorism-related charges.

Despite promising to release information under legal obligations, it has never done so. Telegram has ramped up its enforcement actions. However, bans on telegram channels have been as comprehensive as lawmakers have been looking for.

Telegram continues to provide Russian users with an uncensored doorway into the invasion of Ukraine. Although it’s a good sign and a great move by Telegram, it still begs the question of exactly how much data Telegram has given to governments. What are your thoughts on Telegram sharing user data? comment below.

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