Did Anonymous Hack New York Stock Exchange?

anonymous hack nyse wall street
anonymous hack nyse wall street


When you have the power of anonymity, you can do things that are unimaginable for others. The hacktivist group Anonymous is well-known for its activities. In the past, it took down ISIS websites and issued warning to President Obama. In the latest development, Anonymous is being seen as the reason behind the shutdown of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) on Wednesday.

Yesterday, the US government officials and the New York Stock Exchange group, said that halt in the business at the Wall Street, wasn’t a result of some hack attack. But, just a day before, Anonymous tweeted a cryptic message that has fueled the market of speculations.

The hacktivist group tweeted: “Wonder if tomorrow is going to be bad for Wall Street…. we can only hope.” If this turns out to be true, the NYSE hack would be the most high-profile cyber attack by Anonymous till date.

Anonymous tweeted a vague message implying they had a hand in it and later with another tweet calling for a protest at the NYSE to flood the Wall Street. After this playful tweet, the NYSE officials declined any possible case of a cyber attack. Earlier, another technical fault grounded the United Airlines jets but the US officials denied the possibility of some link between the two.

The Department of Homeland Security said they chose to suspend the NYSE trading to avoid further problems that could have worsened the situation.

The delay lasted for more than three and a half hours and the trading resumed around 3:10 pm. According to the officials, it was the “most significant outage” since the “Flash Freeze” of Nasdaq in the August of 2013.

Previously, in 2011, Anonymous has targeted Wall Street and threatened to “destroy” the New York Stock Exchange.

In another development, Anonymous just tweeted and predicted something bad might happen again at the Wall Street.

Did Anonymous hack the NYSE? What will happen tomorrow? Tell your views in comments below.

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