Detective Pikachu Film Will Be “Different” For Pokémon Video Game Players: Here’s Why

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A recent study from Stanford University suggests that kids born between 1995-1998, specifically Pokémon video game players, have similar neurological activity. The study tries to link the effects of playing Pokémon games into curing disabilities like dyslexia and facial recognition problems.

It can also be concluded that the Detective Pikachu film will be a different experience for Pokémon videogame players.

Pokémon Video Game Players Have A Different Brain

The Stanford University study took into account two groups of people. The first group belonged to mid-90’s kids who played Pokémon Games. The second group included young kids who never played such games.

The research found that a certain area of the brain called Occipitotemporal sulcus, used in processing faces, got fired up often among the first group whenever they saw a Pokémon. Furthermore, the entire group which played Pokémon video games during their childhood experienced similar brain activity When images of different Pokémon characters like Pikachu and Bulbasaur were flashed before their eyes.

The second group, however, experienced no such brain activity. This difference was explained by the researchers Jesse Gomez and Karanit Grill-Spector. According to them, different areas of your brain are stimulated according to the position of your retina and the object you’re looking at.

In the case of Pokémon videogame players, their retina was exposed to images of Pokémon while looking straight into the screen of their Gameboy consoles. According to scientists, the position of retina decides which portion of the brain gets stimulated by the object’s image. In this case, the image of Pokemon like Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander were embedded into the older kid’s brains.

This rewired their brains to immediately identify this Pokémon after their images flashed before their eyes.

The Future of Pokémon Related Research

Studies like these are bound to make progress in treating learning disorders, which is good news for millions of people.

Detective Pikachu comes out in theaters next week and people who have been playing Pokémon videogames are bound to enjoy the movie a little bit more.

A recent report also suggests that the Pokemon movie could also have an R-rated version in the near future. Needless to say, this week is going to be great for Pokemon fans.

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