From Speeding Cars To Massive Trucks, This Machine Can Stop Anything

Delta Scientific’s Immovable Barricade is a powerful safety equipment.

delta scientific barricade
Image: Delta Scientific Corporation

Thanks to technological advances over time, we have grown accustomed to using several hi-tech security measures. From metal detectors to baggage scanners, there’s a slew of useful equipment at disposal. The barricades from Delta Scientific Corporation are an engineering marvel in the same bracket.

Delta Scientific’s barricade system secures the perimeter of a building or any other structure. It can effectively stop speeding, out-of-control vehicles from breaching into sensitive areas and ramming into walls.

The absolute rigidity that these barricades exhibit against large high-velocity vehicles is an incredible sight. Take a look at these boundary-securing equipment in action in the video below.

Based out of Corp Palmdale, California, U.S., Delta Scientific Corporation is a leading name in the vehicle access control equipment business. It has manufactured more than 50 different barrier models since starting operations in 1974. From bollards to wedge barricades, the company currently offers a variety of vehicle access control options.

The Beam Barricade DSC7000 is a globally popular access control equipment for safeguarding wide roads from rogue vehicles. It is K-12 crash test certified and can stop a 15,000lbs or 6800kg-car moving at the speed of 50mph or 80kmph. The beam provides security within its span, which is in the range of 12-30ft or 3.7-9.2m. It has a manual as well as an automatic variant, the latter of which uses a hydraulic power unit.

Another notable barricade choice is Wedge Barricade DSC2000. It is remarkably effective against speeding vehicles, as proven by its K12 and M50 certifications. This modular equipment is the company’s smallest, fastest, and shallowest barricading product. It can also bring to a halt a 15,000lbs-battering ram, coming in at 50mph. Each of its modules can be manually lifted or controlled using a single self-contained motor drive.

DSC2000 wedge barricade
Image: Delta Scientific Corporation

The newest Delta Scientific barricade, DSC550 Shallow Foundation Barricade, is an M50/P1-certified access control product. When it comes to sturdiness, it matches the quality shown by the aforementioned barricades. Moreover, this particular model is apt for scenarios where underground utilities and buried objects make setting up a similar security measure difficult.

The fact of the matter is that these security barricades are a great way to stop vehicles from crossing into undesirable zones. This can not only prevent pedestrians from fatal accidents but also protect buildings from damage. However, the manner in which it crushes the incoming vehicle poses a great doubt about the driver’s and passengers’ safety.

Do you think Delta Scientific barricade systems are the best way to avert dangerously speedy traffic? Tell us in the comments. Also, check out the kind of crash tests trucks go through before being deemed safe for public use.

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