The Best Dell Mobile Connect Alternatives To Use After It Shuts Down

dell mobile connect alternatives
Image: Dell.

Dell is calling quits on its “Dell Mobile Connect” app that allows users to connect phones to Dell machines wirelessly. The wireless connection app, also called Alienware Mobile Connect, will stop being available for download in November 2022 and further discontinue in January 2023. However, there’s always a substitute for most apps, and we have shortlisted the best Dell Mobile Connect alternatives.

Several apps available on Windows now let you pair your phone with your computer to sync files. Likewise, some of these apps also let you make calls on your phone directly from your PC. Pairing your smartphone to your PC might be more useful than you thought.

Best Dell Mobile Connect alternatives

While there are several mobile connection apps available, we have shortlisted a few of them that offer excellent performance. Moving on, here are the top Dell Mobile Connect alternatives you can use easily.

1. Phone Link

microsoft phone link

Price: Free

Microsoft’s in-house developed app is probably the top choice as a Dell Mobile Connect alternative for most Windows users. Phone Link, previously called Your Phone, connects with your Android device. It lets you access your phone’s photos, notifications, and calls.

Moreover, you can even use your Android phone’s apps on your PC if you have a Samsung smartphone. Overall, it has an easy-to-use user interface and comes pre-installed on Windows 10/11 machines. Also, the app uses Bluetooth to connect to your Windows machine.

2. KDE Connect

kdeconnect best dell mobile connect alternatives

Price: Free

KDE is quite a renowned name among most usual Linux users. Likewise, they also have an app supporting multiple platforms that lets you connect your devices. It’s not an app to only connect your phone to your computer; you can also connect several devices. KDE Connect lets you access files stored on the remote device, use your phone as a mouse on your PC, check notifications, send commands, control media, and much more. Above all, it’s a free-to-use open-source app that you can install on your Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices.

3. AirDroid


Price: Free, paid plans starting at $2.50/month

AirdDroid is an old contender when it comes to connecting phones and computers. Although you can connect your Android or iOS device with your computer, you must pay for it. Only a set of limited features comes for free with the AirDroid app, and it requires a subscription to access everything. Moreover, you can manage your files, mirror your screen, and control your computer remotely using the app. It makes for a decent Dell Mobile Connect alternative if you’re ready to spend some money.

4. Samsung DeX

samsung dex dell mobile connect alternative

Price: Free

Finally, Samsung DeX makes it to the best Dell Mobile Connect alternatives list. While the app is only available for certain Samsung smartphone users, it offers an exquisite mobile connection experience. You can practically connect your smartphone to your computer and use it as a separate machine via DeX. On top of that, it also lets you easily transfer files from your phone to your PC and vice versa.

Our recommendation

Dell Mobile Connect was an excellent app, but its alternatives may offer more features. We recommend using Windows Phone Link or KDE Connect to connect your phone to your PC seamlessly. Likewise, you can pick an app based on your requirements. Although, you may want to opt for AirDroid if you own an iPhone.

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