Dell Is Killing Its Mobile Connect Smartphone Syncing App For Windows 10/11

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Dell Mobile Connect
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While Mac users can connect to their iOS devices, Windows lacked a robust solution for a long time until Phone Link came into the picture. Then came the Dell connect app which also changed the lives of thousands of Windows OS users. It allowed the users to mirror their smartphones, access notifications, and much more. But sadly, that’s about to end.

Dell has decided to end the Dell Mobile Connect service by the end of this year. An early indication was that the new Dell XPS laptops are shipping without the app. So, if you use Dell Mobile Connect, it is high time you find an alternative now.

Dell Mobile Connect: Why it’s being shut down?

Dell or the developers haven’t shared any reasons why the app is being removed. It was surely among the few working yet trusted methods to link a phone to the Windows OS. It worked flawlessly because Dell invested a lot of time in developing drivers for it.

The smartphone syncing app appeared as a useful utility for the premium Dell laptops a while back and worked on other laptops as well. Moreover, it’s a free app which makes it even more appealing for the users.

Dell Mobile Connect will stop being available for download on 30 November 2022. After that, it will be discontinued on 31 January 2022. This is applicable for Dell Mobile Connect and Alienware Mobile Connect users residing in the United States, Canada, or Japan.

For other locations, the deadline is 30 November 2022. However, it will stop being available for download from 31 July 2022.

Dell Mobile Connect
Image: Dell

So, what will you do? Don’t worry! Microsoft has a free and working alternative for your Windows PC. You can use the Phone Link app on Windows 10 and 11 to connect your smartphones (Android only). iOS users still have to look for other options, most of which are paid or fail to work.

One interesting news is that Microsoft acquired the developers behind the Dell Mobile Connect app. It may be the sole reason why Dell Connect is now off the shelf. Since Microsoft wants to improve its Phone Link app, hiring developers who already have worked on a similar and more powerful alternative is the best approach.

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