Deepin Linux Gets V20 (1000) Update With New Rules For Version Number


It has been over four months since the beta release of Deepin 20 and we’re still waiting for its stable version. Now with the latest system update, Deepin 20 series has a new release, but with a new rule for the system version number.

Instead of using the previous point version number scheme, Deepin Linux will now comply with the unified naming specification. Under the scheme, any new release or system update from Deepin will use the major version number plus (minor version number), such as 20 (1000), 20 (1010), and so on.

Hence, V20 (1000) is the first release in the Deepin 20 series following the new rules. This has arrived after V20 beta, which can be considered equivalent to the release candidate and the next V20 (1010) to the stable release.

Onward to this release, Deepin OS will also no longer use alpha, beta, and release candidate (RC). Now let’s see what the new system update includes:

Deepin 20 (1000): What’s New?

As the V20 has already shifted its base upstream repository to the Debian 10.4 “buster,” the new system update brings several improvements, bugs, and issue fixes.

For instance, it has resolved unresponsive PC issues while inserting a wireless network card or Bluetooth adapter and disappeared icons on the desktop while keeping the dock hidden in multi-display environments. V20 (2020) has even fixed the invisible USB wireless network card and Drawing Table module in the Control Center when connected.

Among applications like Deepin Movie, you will no longer face any issues in the progress bar while playing a video and in sound while adjusting the volume using icon or slider.

For the next version, Deepin OS has also highlighted some new features that will be included such as backup and restore function for full disk installation in the Deepin system installer and two kernel versions 5.4 LTS and 5.7 Stable.

How To Get Deepin 20?

As I’m writing this article, no new ISO is available for V20 (1000). However, you can download the V20 beta from the official page and then upgrade it to the latest version 20(1000).

If you’re using Deepin 15.11, you can also upgrade your system to 20(1000) by first changing your source in /etc/apt/sources.list toIt will no longer use alpha, beta and release candidate (rc).
deb [by-hash=force] apricot main contrib non-free.

Then, add the official source for the app store in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/appstore.list. If no such file exists, create a new one and add the line below:

deb eagle appstore
Sarvottam Kumar

Sarvottam Kumar

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