Deepin 15.3 OS Released — A Polished and Beautiful Linux Distro That You’ll Love


deepin-linux-15-3-screenshot-login-screenShort Bytes: Deepin Linux development team has announced the release of beautiful and polished Deepin 15.3 Linux distribution. Apart from fixing multiple bugs and issues, this release comes with many feature enhancement. Deepin 15.3 flaunts a highly customizable dock and cleaner user interface that make it an easy-to-use Linux distribution. It comes with lots of useful preinstalled software and you can use it as a Windows alternative for your home and office.

Deepin–formerly, Deepin, Linux Deepin, Hiweed GNU/Linux–is a Debian-based Linux distribution that’s developed with an aim to create an aesthetic and functional operating system for Linux desktop users. Developed by the Chinese Linux community, Deepin is hailed as one of the most visually appealing Linux distros.

Just like other Linux-based operating systems, Deepin is free to download, modify, distribute and use. Adding another chapter in its journey, Deepin development team has recently announced the release of Deepin 15.3 Linux OS.

What’s new in Deepin 15.3 Linux OS?

“This version includes Deepin File Manager, Deepin Image Viewer, new Deepin Terminal and other Deepin applications to enrich the whole ecosystem,” the release announcement adds.

It brings a highly customizable dock and more intuitive user experience. It’s more elegant with a refreshed interface and clarity.

Efficient Dock mode

Deepin 15.3 makes the act of changing wallpaper more visual and easier. A new set of wallpaper has been added and you can quickly set the desktop wallpaper in few clicks.


In the system information area, the new system update information is highlighted. By clicking on a button right away, you can download and install the system update.


Deepin 15.3 also brings along new Deepin Terminal 2.0, Deepin Calendar, Deepin Image Viewer and other applications that have been optimized for a better user experience.


Deepin development team has worked to improve the overall user experience by making improvements in Mission Board, Control Center, Desktop, Launcher, Lock screen and lander, and Applications and system updates.


For the complete set of changes, you can read Deepin 15.3 release announcement.

Installing Deepin 15.3 Linux OS is very simple. You just need to download the 64-bit or 32-bit ISO files, create a bootable disk, and you are good to go. You can find the download links here.

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