Debian GNU/Linux Running On Mobile Devices Like PocketCHIP, Samsung Galaxy, ZeroPhone, & Pyra

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Short Bytes: DebConf17 took place recently in Montréal, Canada. It witnessed a discussion and gathering of Debian developers who discussed Debian’s prospects on mobile devices and the ongoing work. At the conference, several Debian running devices were also shown. These devices included ZeroPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc.

Debian is also called the universal operating system as it is used as a base for hundreds of Linux distributions. So, this claim also underlines that Debian should run on mobile devices too–right? Well, Debian developers are continuously working to add support for new devices and adapt it as per hardware and GUI capabilities of different devices.

Along the similar lines, during the recent DebConf17, which was held in Montréal, Canada, more than 50 developers met to discuss this issue, as reported by Softpedia.

In a blog post, Debian Project’s W. Martin Borgert wrote that a number of mobile devices running Debian GNU/Linux were shown at DebConf17. These devices were:

  • PocketCHIP — A small handheld computer with keyboard, USB, WiFi, running Debian 8 or 9.
  • Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G — A Android phone with physical keyboard. It can already run portions of Debian userspace on Android kernel.
  • ZeroPhone — An open source, Raspberry Pi Zero-based smartphone with small screen and classic keypad. It ran Debian-based Raspbian OS.
  • Pyra — A handheld computer with touchscreen. It’ll come with Debian preinstalled.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Are you excited to run Linux on your mobile device in near future? Don’t forget to share your views with us.

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