Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch” Will Ship With New Digital Forensics Tools

Last week, we told you about the announcement of the release date of Debian 9.0 Stretch GNU/Linux distro. According to the announcement, Debian 9.0 is slated to arrive on June 17, 2017. Prior to that, another exciting development was made in the Debian world in the form of release of systemd-free Devuan 1.0.0 distro.

Debian 9 GNU/Linux release is supposed to ship with many digital forensics tools and their dependencies. Spotted by Softpedia’s Marius Nestor, the announcement was made by Debian developer Michael ‘mika’ Prokop.

But, before going ahead and reading more about digital forensics tools in Debian 9, don’t forget to take a look at our most-visited Linux distro lists:

Coming back to the upcoming Debian 9, on his blog, Prokop wrote: “Debian/stretch AKA Debian 9.0 will include a bunch of packages for people interested in digital forensics.”

He added that the packages will be maintained by the Debian Forensics team. They’ll also be accompanied by their libraries.

Some of the digital forensics tools shipping with Debian 9 are as follows:

  • bruteforce-salted-openssl
  • cewl
  • dislocker
  • pompem
  • unhide.rb

The complete list of tools and libraries can be found here.

As said above, Debian 9 release date is June 17, 2017. So, save the date and get ready to try out the latest and most stable release of this open source Linux distro.

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