Debian 9 Edu (Skolelinux) Released — A Complete Linux Distro For Students And Schools


Short Bytes: Based on the latest Debian 9 Stretch, Debian 9 Edu has been released. This GNU/Linux distribution is aimed to serve the needs of students and schools. This release ships with preinstalled Plymouth, Nagios as the monitoring tool, and other changes. You can visit the project’s website to find the download links of network-based and extended images.

Yesterday, we told you about the latest stable release of GNU/Linux distribution Debian 9. Named after Toy Story’s character Stretch, this release will be supported for the next 5 years. You can go ahead and read the Debian 9 best features and find the download links.

After Debian 9 release, the Debian Edu distribution, which is also called Skolelinux, has released its new version, i.e., Debian 9 Edu. It’s focused on students and schools who wish to install servers, workstations, and laptops for collaborative working.

What’s special about Debian 9 Edu / Skolelinux?

debian edu

As it is the first Debian Edu / Skolelinux release based on Stretch, it comes with new features and updated packages. It comes with hundreds of preinstalled applications that make it a complete solution.

Some of the notable new features of Debian 9 Edu Stretch are:

  • Plymouth is installed and activated by default, except for the ‘Main Server’ and ‘Minimal’ profiles.
  • Nagios is now the default monitoring tool.
  • LTSP now uses NBD for the root filesystem.
  • A Japanese translation of the manual is available.

Download Debian 9 Edu Stretch

Just like Debian 9 Stretch, Edu release is available in multiple architectures. The network booting and extended images can be downloaded by following this link.

You can also perform the upgrade from Debian Edu 8 Jessie by following the instructions mentioned on this page.

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